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REVIEW: “Waiting for You” by KC Wells



Mike Davenport was seventeen when he ran away from his home in London. He took the first coach available and ended up on the streets of Manchester as a rent boy. Maybe once he could have gone home, but after losing his best friend, Simon Marchwell, when he professed his love and suffering an assault at the hands of the first man he “dated,” Mike doubts returning to his parents will end any happier than the rest.

Christmas is nearly here, and Mike is freezing his arse off near the bus station, when a battered Ford Fiesta crawls past, not once, but three times. Mike thinks his luck is in, but when the window rolls down and he comes face to face with Simon, Mike’s world changes again.


In the mood for something similar to RJ Scott’s The Christmas Throwaway, I grabbed this 48 page short from KC Wells. And though too brief of a story to impress – I will admit for the mood I was looking for – it didn’t disappoint.

The blurb is a fairly solid summation of the brief story, which I appreciated – as many blurbs can mislead and waste my time. Mike is a runaway, rent boy working the streets of Manchester who comes face to face with a childhood crush from his “pre-rent boy” days. Simon, aka childhood crush, has never forgotten Mike and fancies himself Mike’s rescuer upon finding him. The 48 pages mainly centers around a conversation between the two – answering the “why’s” of how Mike came to runaway and be a rent boy and Simon offering the hope to help Mike change courses. Very G-rated, as a quick YA should be, but emotionally charged none-the-less. Eye rolling moments as misunderstandings and misperceptions are revealed, but I am guessing a reader picking up a short story this brief and of this content would expect such. Essentially this short will be what you expect, but deliver what you want from that expectation.

Sappy to the core, sentiment dripped like syrup every time you swiped the page. It won’t be for everyone, nor will it be for any mood. Certain to appeal to fans of Tom Webb and the like, Wells makes a fair effort of supplying an emotional tearjerker with a shot of hope. Waiting for You is like tender M/M fast food – when you are hungry for it, it is easy to gobble down and delivers that feel good high in a half hour or less. A meal you might enjoy, but not rave about. Retailing at $2.99 for 48 pages from Dreamspinner ($0.06 a page) you will have to decide for yourself how much you crave this (pricey) little nugget.



22388150Title: Waiting for You
Author: KC Wells
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 48
Release Date:  June 1, 2014
Purchase Links:  Dreamspinner

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