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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Cold Feet” by Jay Northcote



Best friends snowed in together. When the heat rises, will they get cold feet?

Getting snowed in at a remote cottage in Wales with someone he’d fancied for ages isn’t exactly how Sam expected to spend Christmas. His feelings for Ryan are pointless. Ryan’s straight—or so he thought.

Until now, Ryan’s kept his feelings for Sam buried. Why ruin a friendship over what might only be gay experimentation? Playing it cool seems safer, until a cold snap makes sharing body heat vital. In their Welsh safe haven, anything seems possible.

As Ryan’s reserve melts away, Sam wants more than stolen kisses under the mistletoe. But a sudden thaw means making decisions. They could face the New Year together—unless one of them gets cold feet.


There are times when you want to sit in bed…in your jammies…nibbling your favorite sweet treat. All snuggled in, toasty and full. Come on now, admit it. You know it’s true.

This book was exactly that. Despite the name, it is definitely warm and fuzzy. I devoured it, wearing a goofy grin and was left feeling full to the brim.

Imagine the most remote and romantic setting, imagine the sweetest pair of best ‘mates’, and now imagine a love affair that begins with a spark but quickly burns bright.

Have I snagged your interest? Good.

This was my first encounter with Northcote, but I assure you, it won’t be my last. Smooth clean writing with endearing characters grabbed my attention from the get-go. The heat level was hot enough, but the clarity was on the cuddles. I love snuggles…and cuddles…and especially snuggles and cuddles. The angstometer barely pinged. If I nitpick, I think it could have used a bit more tension. But in all honestly, I don’t really want to nitpick, I’m still floating in my happy book place. Yeah, it’s nice up here.

Sam and Ryan are on holiday break and embark on a journey that will change their lives. You see, Sam is gay and is hopelessly in love with Ryan, his straight best friend. I can hear what you are thinking….’been there, done that’. But wait! I have found that it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read a particular ‘theme’, what truly matters is- how well it’s done. This time? It was done beautifully. They are off to the countryside for a few days of rest and relaxation before Christmas. An unexpected snowstorm traps them, isolates the two of them in a haven of beauty. Peace, quiet and shared body warmth become quite the temptation. Aren’t the holiday’s all about indulging?

Sam is single and having a hard time settling down because his heart belongs to Ryan, unbeknownst to Ryan. Ryan has used his college years to thoroughly explore the girls on campus, but now believes the reason he has not found ‘the one’ is because he’s already found them, or more precisely, him. They are amazing friends and it gets even better when they cross that irreversible line. Circumstance prevents an opportunity and they tip-toe and then pounce on it. Bless the lovely mistletoe.

Snowbound at Christmas is a gift. Well, if you ask me it is. I love watching the flakes fall and pile up, coating the world in a fresh glistening blanket. There is something pure and comforting about being snowed in. And it’s soooo romantic.

Sam and Ryan discover life has a funny way putting you exactly where you are suppose to be. The boys blissfully find that place happens to be in each other’s arms.
Then the snow melts and along with it the happy bubble they were in. Can they hold onto what they found, the precious gift of love…or was it an illusion all along?

I absolutely adored finding out!

So why only 4 stars? I’m not particularly thrilled with how Ryan came to this crossroads in his life. I loved his path from the crossroads forward, yet the path at his back felt…contrived. Something was missing. And as I said, it was almost too easy. But damn, the guy sure as hell has ‘style’.

*cue the fireworks*

Fabulous friends to lovers, confident out-for-you, and holiday goodness at it’s finest. The British flare was subdued, yet I couldn’t resist a smile every time the wishes of ‘Happy Christmas’ were spoken. Mmmmm, and I desperately want to try some Christmas pudding.

Grab a cup of cocoa or tea and cosy up…this is one scrumptious treat.



23620295 (1)Title: Cold Feet
Author: Jay Northcote
Publisher: Self-pub
Pages: 107
Release Date: December 8, 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon, ARe 

2 comments on “HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Cold Feet” by Jay Northcote

  1. kveta
    December 15, 2014

    Thanks so much for the review! I’ve read the story already and liked it very much.


    • Sheri
      December 16, 2014

      Of course! It IS a great story…I think I might read it again!


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