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HOLIDAY REVIEW: The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates



I’m Evan Goodman, budding actor, future star, college freshman. Oh, and let’s not forget—recently dumped. If only my family wasn’t expecting to meet my new boyfriend over the holiday break. Enter JD Laurens—a sweet and quiet science major who mostly keeps to himself. When he gathers the courage to come out, poor JD gets abandoned by his only family right in front of me, and now he has nowhere to go for Christmas. But I have a proposition for him: pretend to be my boyfriend for the holidays so I can take him home. It’s a win-win. What could go wrong?


This was charming!

When I read the  blurb, it sounded like one of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that I adore and fall head over heels for. The idea, is not one that is new and that’s totally okay because I eat this trope up like a fat man with a white beard, in a red suit on Christmas Eve.

The story is told via first person POV of our dear Evan; ugh, I can’t believe that he was so deep in to a relationship that wasn’t even there. It was cringe worthy to read how he examined his time with Tyler and how off he really was and how unrequited his feelings were.

“Almost” boyfriend are the worst. Trust me on that…

Yeah, so how awkward is it that Evan has told his family all about his boyfriend that really wasn’t his boyfriend and they are all excited to meet Tyler over the Christmas break? It’s a good thing Evan meets JD, who was just rejected by his family, in a donut shop and decides to be a bit over the top, per his usual, and ask JD to come home and pretend to be Tyler.

I loved that JD accepted the offer, to be Evan’s “Tyler” for his family and yet he didn’t.  JD isn’t the kind of guy who is good at lying, he is trying to be his true self and being Tyler doesn’t suit him very well.  JD is just JD and he likes Evan, and his family and kinda forgets who he is supposed to be. Oops? So there you have the dilemma, well that and a few other things that get thrown into this short story.

The boys were stinking cute! We have Evan, the drama major, a whirl wind of emotions and energy who has a few issues and JD is the sturdy Science major who can ground Evan and then literally show Evan the stars. These two were so damn cute, I keep saying that but they were. This was probably the most innocent romance I have read with college boys and yet it didn’t it make the story less endearing. It fit for these two as they figured out their budding relationship.

I knew if I let it happen, JD would leave me changed forever.

Like I said, this was cute and it was fun. The boys finding their way to one another was sweet and actually quite virtuous, though Chapter 10 was a nice touch. The Holiday Hoax is one of those stories I would recommend for a cozy afternoon when you want to curl up with a story, one that includes a serious game of dreidel and one that will make you feel good.



 Ami: 3.5 stars



Holiday HoaxTitle: The Holiday Hoax
Author: Skylar M. Cates
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 83
Release Date: December 10, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner, ARe, Amazon, B&N

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