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HOLIDAY REVIEW: “Krampusz” by Lou Harper



Freshly out of college, shy and introverted Brian Preston travels from LA to Budapest to teach English, ready to embrace life and spread his wings.

It’s early December, and the air is heavy with the scent of roasting chestnuts.Getting involved with his new roommate, native Hungarian Zoli Park, promises to be the adventure Brian always wanted. But all is not as it seems, and Brian might find himself in the arms of Krampusz, demonic companion to St. Nick, who punishes bad boys.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Advent Calendar package “Celebrate!”.



First with Ilya and the Wolf and now with Krampusz, Dreamspinner’s 2014 Advent Calendar of holiday stories is letting me enjoy festivities around the world. Whereas Ilya was set in modern-day Russia, Krampusz is set in contemporary Budapest, where our quiet, book-loving Brian is traveling to start a new job as an English teacher. This new life also starts with sharing an apartment with a bearded grad student who at first seems very off-put about Brian’s presence in his flat. But things don’t stay that way…

And Brian decides to try new things, including exploring the city, and maybe- maybe exploring whatever this new thing that’s developing between him and his mysterious roommate.

This was a light, fun holiday romp, although at 8,000+ words/30+ pages, felt a little too short for my taste. I wouldn’t have minded a little more in there, but for a quick read, it was very nice, and I always enjoy Harper’s low-key style and the few details about Budapest were lovely. (I will say that it felt a little odd to read a non-mystery by Harper. I think I’m so used to her other series like Dead in L.A. and Spirit Sanguine, so not having a corpse randomly showing up along with the holiday decorations was a new experience.)

I won’t reveal the meaning of the title—discovering it along with Brian was part of the fun. :-)



Title: Krampusz
Author: Lou Harper
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 31
Release Date: December 1st, 2014
Purchase Links: Dreamspinner Press, ARe, Amazon

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